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Renewable Energy, Solar Panel Installation and Underfloor Heating Systems Covering Lothian, Scotland

Why use renewable energy?

There is now a scientific consensus that climate change is real and that it poses an immense threat to the world we live in. Impacts of climate change will make global problems such as drought, famine, flooding, disease, regional insecurity and population displacement worse, and seriously hinder poor countries' efforts to tackle poverty.

The UK is currently responsible for the release of around 3 per cent of the world's global greenhouse gas emmisions, despite having only 1 per cent of the world's population. UK energy industries are the largest single contributors to UK greenhouse gas emmisions, contributing over a third (54 million tonnes) of the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the UK.

To help lessen the effects of climate change, we must reduce the level of greenhouse gases emitted. This can be achieved by generating our energy from sources that emit low or even zero levels of greenhouse gases, such as renewable energy.

Renewable Energy and Underfloor Heating Systems

1) Solar Panel Installation: By having a solar panel installation you can generate energy from the sun to power your home, without the need of another resource. Solar Panels help save energy consumption and most importantly it will make your home more energy efficient. This is a selling point should you want to sell your home in the future.

2) Underfloor Heating Systems: These underfloor heating systems are economic and are no more expensive than traditional heating systems. The main difference is underfloor heating systems are virtually maintenance free, which reduces costs!

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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